Hindu USA follows the journey of three young Hindu Americans navigating life in a nation where their worldview and lifestyle is not only mostly misunderstood but often portrayed in a sensationalist light. Their quest leads them into deep discussions with experts as they explore the tenets of Hinduism and at the same time cultivate a very personal understanding of it's value in their own lives. On the way they discover what perhaps America has yet to; how the threads of Hinduism have already been quietly, irrevocably entwined into the fabric of everyday American culture.


No Room in Paradise is an intimate and moving portrait of life on the streets of Honolulu. The film follows two homeless families for more than a year as they struggle from sidewalk tents to subsidized housing, allowing them to tell their own stories of how and why they became homeless. Along the way we learn the impact of addiction and mental illness, the huge cost of maintaining the status quo and what can be done to fix it.

No Room in Paradise  was broadcast primetime on the Honolulu affiliates of CBS and NBC four times during October and November of 2016.





Railroading Paradise chronicles the biggest development battle in Hawaii's history against the backdrop of a bitter mayoral election and a controversial $8 billion elevated rail project. Based on interviews with top politicians, national planning experts and environmental leaders, the film confronts the question: can anything be done to protect the beauty of the last undeveloped places on Oahu - or is the island doomed to be swamped by the pressures of a growing population and booming tourist industry?

Railroading Paradise premiered at the Hawaii International Film Festival in October 2013 and enjoyed a run of prime time broadcasts in 2014 on the local affiliates of CBS and NBC.

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Can the pearl of the Pacific really adopt the Manhattan development model as a strategy to both preserve its beauty and meet the demands of a huge housing crisis? That's the question at the heart of The Third City, the nickname for the last undeveloped oceanfront neighborhood in Honolulu.  Stuart Coleman -an environmental leader opposed to what he fears is fast becoming a millionaires' playground- and Dane Wicker -a young professional searching for a new life in what he believes will be a trend-setting,  mixed-income urban village- grill experts, residents, politicians and developers, while sharing their dreams for the future of O‘ahu.  Can they find common ground?                                                               

The Third City is currently in post-production and will premiere in the spring of 2017.


Only six other states in the nation have worse teen suicide rates than Hawai'i.  The crisis hits all ethnic and income groups -from wealthy kids at fancy academies confronting unreasonable expectations to working class Native Hawaiians facing huge obstacles to climbing out of poverty. Hawai'i consistently rates as one of the happiest states in America, so what explains this dichotomy? Hurting in Hawai'i  looks at the causes of the teen suicide epidemic and at ways to provide teens with the social, cultural and emotional tools to deal with this issue.

Hurting in Hawai'i is currently in pre-production and is scheduled to premier in the fall of 2017.

For decades suburban sprawl has gobbled up the O‘ahu countryside. Now those pressures threaten the most rural part of the island where the fabled North Shore meets the majestic Windward coast.   O‘ahu’s Master Plan aims to keep major development out of these areas.  But these communities of Native Hawaiian and long-time immigrant families need housing and jobs.  Can their needs be met while keeping the area Forever Country?  

Forever Country is currently in the research phase.