Railroading Paradise

Railroading Paradise, chronicles the bitter tug-of-war between efforts to preserve O‘ahu and pressures for  new housing and growth - seen through the eyes of the largest environmental group in Hawai‘i, as they grapple with whether or not to support the HART rail project.   With fly-on-the-wall coverage of Sierra Club deliberations and extensive interviews with a broad range of experts discussing the island’s future, the documentary zeroes in on the concern that O‘ahu has reached a fundamental tipping point.

This 60 minute independent production will premiere commercial free prime time on Honolulu's KGMB May 26th and again on KHNL June 4th.

Forever Country

Forever Country, a  60 minute documentary film currently in production for Hawaii News Now looks at the fight over the proposed Turtle Bay, Continental Pacific and Envision La‘ie development projects in the heart of the most rural part of the island on the north-east corner - where the fabled North Shore meets the majestic windward coast.  For more than a generation, O‘ahu’s Master Plan has called for keeping major development out of these areas.  But there are living communities, native Hawaiian families who have lived there for generations, some of whom want to see more local housing and jobs.  Is compromise possible or is this another fight that’s destined for the law courts?