Anthony Aalto


Michael Hinchey


Anthony Aalto is a British-born American documentary filmmaker and journalist. He founded Honolulu-based Green Island Films in 2012 with his partner Mike Hinchey. Prior to moving to Hawai‘i with his family in 2006 to cover news in the Pacific Rim, Anthony reported from more than two-dozen countries around the world under the byline of Tony Jenkins, including stints as a war correspondent for The Guardian, The BBC and The Economist. He’s a former Fellow of the Center for International Policy, twice elected president of the United Nations Correspondents Association, and for several years hosted a current affairs TV talk show broadcast on CNBC. For six years he chaired the O‘ahu Group of the Sierra Club and still serves on its board.


Mike Hinchey is an American documentary film director, producer, cinematographer and editor.  He was born in New Zealand and started his career working for the Australian Broadcasting Company in the days of 2-inch tape.  He has experience in a broad swath of the TV and filmmaking business.  In 2012 he founded Green Island Films with his partner Anthony Aalto.   For more than four decades, Mike has been a vegetarian, a practitioner of yoga and meditation and an avid surfer.


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